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Rick and Amber will make sure that your family will receive the same care and service that they would want for their own family.

Amber Banks, RN <br> <h6>Administrator</h6>

Amber Banks, RN


Amber has 25 years of healthcare and in-home care experience. She is a Registered Nurse and is Co-Owner of B&B Staffing Management, the largest healthcare staffing agency on the Mississippi Gulfcoast.

Amber, born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, started her career as a CNA in 1997 and further advanced her degree to later become a Registered Nurse in 2011. Nursing has been a passion for Amber since a young child. She has always had a caring heart, staying in her hometown, even when other opportunities tempted her to leave.  It was important for Amber to stay locally and help care for other family members, including her own mother after she became ill. Amber believes in the traditions of taking care of one another and is a beacon for her community. “Nursing is more than a career, it’s a lifestyle. We need to do more to take care of our communities, conducting frequent visits for the sick and shut-in, preparing home cooked meals, cleaning the clutter, etc”. B&B Homecare will continue her family tradition of providing quality compassionate care, always taking the time to visit and “sit a while” with those in need of companionship.

Rick Barber, RN <br> <h6>CFO</h6>

Rick Barber, RN


Rick is a Navy Veteran and is currently Co-Owner of B&B Staffing Management, the largest healthcare staffing agency on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He is also the owner of World Combat Academy where he has led for over 20 years.​

Rick Barber, originally from Jackson Mississippi, is a highly decorated Navy Veteran, an Ordained Minister, and a Registered Nurse who started his medical career as a Paramedic. With over 35 years of Healthcare Experience, Rick is a community leader and advocate, owning Combat Academy Karate School in Gulfport MS where he is a Hall of Fame inductee black belt, who provides martial arts training to seniors and underserved youth, as well as annual Self Defense workshops.  Rick understands the important role of caring for our seniors, honoring their legacy, and providing the best care and support to families who are in need of a helping hand. B&B Homecare's goal is to provide patient centered, evidence-based approaches and best practices to the caring of our clients. B&B Homecare is a family ran business. Rick is the co-owner and CFO of B&B Staffing Management LLC as well as B&B Homecare Services LLC with his sister-in-law Amber Banks. He is married to Michele Barber of 21 years, and they have 3 children.


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